Online dating question?

I have a good job (make almost 6 figures, I dont post that though but a smart girl could figure out), no debt, decent face, have some muscle (can do 30 pull ups), flat belly... a bit short (sigh). I always write longer than just "hey" messages too.
uunfortunately, im not having any luck online with real woman but them bots I have to keep away with a block button (yay! & FML).

reason why your here ->
i need to find out what im lacking. what was it that got you interested in the guy you met online that you decided to message back and meet him? instead of ignore or agree to date and disappearing?


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  • Could it be the messages you're writing? Or the pictures you're adding? Or the description about yourself? Or something else?

    • I asked my female friends and showed them my profle and examples of what I wrote but they have no idea what im doing wrong. just say the girls that ghost me are b#@es and move on. so they are no help and only one does online dating and she's not successful either on her side. i dont do all the mistakes she sees. so I was curious on what other guys did right in other girls mind.

    • The girls are probably not good for you, so you should move on.

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