What does this girl want?

There is this girl who one day was minding our class when our teacher had gone to do some work. It was rainy season and my hair was wet. I was setting my hair when she said out of the blue "You don't need to do that , you look good". I asked her again in the hallway and she said my hairstyle is good i will find a girlfriend. One day something lame happened and we were sexually teased by my friends. Then she used to smile at me (me too ) every time and she even asked me whether i got a girlfriend. I told her no i can't find one can she help me in setting my hair to find one (it was very lame of me to do that) Then few days i acted as a jerk and behaved rudely to her. even did some really unethical stuff as fun but later realized i was being an ***hole. After that she started ignoring me and stopped talking. Did she liked me or something? And if she did, is there a way to get her back? I miss her now and i need her. She is an year older than me.


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  • You can just apologize to her and explain why you acted so. Honesty is the best thing and can help rebuild respect for other person

    • But i didn't have a reason, it was me being try to be cool but then i realized i was being a ****.

  • No doubt she likes you, for sure. So just go up to her and tell her you feel the same.

    • OK but does she still feel the same after my foolishness?

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