Is love just not for me?

I can’t describe love because I’ve never been in love and i really can’t understand why people so obsessed with that. I don’t get why people like the feeling when the contro are more than the pros. I don’t want to feel jealous, vulnerable and i don’t want to give to anyone the power to control or influence me and my choices. Am I wrong?


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  • Haha I’m suffering from same condition, you are not wrong, you are more aware than others about the pros and after all it’s ur life, do whatever you want and

    • And cons too, I believe in friends with benefits

    • Me too, but I think boys of my age would slut shame me and don’t respect me.

    • That’s there problem not urs, so chill keep searching the right guy, you will get it

  • Love is not jealousy, it is anything but jealousy. Love is selfless while jealousy is selfish! Never get the two mixed up! Love is kind, patient, and love never fails! Love is life, it is unlimited and available at any time to you!

    There are many acts of love, laying down ones life for another, helping others in need, rescuing others, feeding the less fortunate, or just saying hi on the street or giving a compliment. Love is giving from a place, love is putting others over the self, love is everything.

    Love is not selfish, love is not deceitful, love is not greed, jealousy, or lust. Love is genuine and pure, no evil intent attached.

  • Absolutely right you're


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