Advice needed pls? What do I do or do I do nothing?

Met a guy online... he texted me over two weeks and then yesterday I finally agreed to meet with him! So we met and went for a walk for about 2.5 hours around a large lake and then we went for coffee!

So it was all going fine then he looks at his watch and goes quiet... I said are you ok? He says he has to go... I just said Ok and he walked me out kissed me on both cheeks (he is French and we said we enjoyed it and went our separate ways. I had my young son with me.

So then I texted him saying ‘Very nice had a pleasant time have a nice evening.’ Then two hours later he says ‘Hey: my pleasure I enjoyed the afternoon myself too. Have a good weekend. x’ I did not respond as I thought oh you obviously so not want to text me anymore or something!

Now he has not asked me out again or contacted me since and I am sitting here wondering if he is really into me or not? Any advice would be great thanks!


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  • Repeating question everyday... bitch y u don't understand he is not in u.


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