Have you ever changed your mind about someone just to be too late?

I mean have you realized you liked someone after they had moved on?


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  • I think so.

    • one time I got there too early, waited for past 40 minutes and I am like what if he stood me up so my thoughts changed :( and then had an interesting notion what if I was supposed to park in another lot? So then I drove about like blck down there he was walking looking for me. I apologized profusely and saw his eyes like he thought I changed my mind or arrived late on purpose.

    • maybe, he did not admit he changed his mind about me on that day.

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  • Really depends on the person, if it's my boss well..


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  • Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean realized you liked someone after they had moved on?

    • Not me personally, i mean other people in general.

    • Yeah happened to me in college twice. I was at a friend's party and this girl the her self at me basically. I'm not the type to do one-night-stands really but when I went to leave the party the girl even followed me out to the parking lot without me asking her we went back to my place and did it the next day it was really awkward because I realized I knew very little about her only that she was good in bed and was my friend's neighbor by the time I got over the awkwardness and realize that she was really a nice person it was too late and she was dating my friend

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