How to deal with a girlfriend with a past I dont like?

I am someone on the more conservative side with sleeping around. I have done it myself, and I am a hypocrite because I do not like being with a girl who has done it. I have no problem with women who choose to do it, I personally just dont really want to be with one who has.

About 2 months ago, my girlfriend and I started getting serious and I asked her to give more details into her past. At the very beginning of the relationship I had asked if she had slept with someone outside of a past relationship and she said no. When I asked her this time she said yes, 6 times. In each case she more or less got used by someone, was drunk, and slept with them. When I say used I mean she liked them and they pretty much pretended they liked her back.

This is incredibly frustrating for me because we have been together 10 months now and she is a good girlfriend, but this part eats away at me. Does anyone have any advice, or words of wisdom to help me cope?


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  • The past is the past. Focus on her and who she is here and now.


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  • Shit in a box wrap it up put a bow on it and leave it on her doorstep Christmas Day and wring the bell everyone loves surprises

  • 6 times really ain't that much

    • It depends on where you are coming from. We are 23 so 6 times is quite a few. Add on the fact that she has also had relationships and it feels sick

    • Could be worse I met my wife when she was 25 and she had already been with over 50

    • If you dont mind me asking, how do you cope with that? Do you personally just not care? I believe that the two of us are different. You just do not care about that sort of thing or are mature or have the ability to look past it.

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