What would you prefer in a girlfriend/boyfriend, jealous or not?

A guy/girl that gets jealous (but not too much) maybe if someone sents you hearts and things like that Or a guy/girl that never gets jealous

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  • Jealousy is a natural human emotion. It is natural to feel, not having any jealousy no matter what I did actually comes off as if she doesn't care about me and couldn't care less if I want to make her special to be "my girl" or if I spent all my time with other women. I want someone who cares and wants her and I to have something special that is just for us.

    So a little jealousy is good. Too much jealousy is a pain so too much jealousy can drive you away but I'd want a lady who was a little jealous if I were to give other ladies too much attention. I want a woman who wants me all to herself.


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