In your opinion, what is the main reason why dating is so difficult in modern times?

There's several reasons why dating in general has been difficult. But if you could narrow it down to one reason that makes it significantly more difficult than all the other reasons, what would it be?


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  • It's no secret that relationships are hard work, and that trying to find someone to spend the rest of your life with can be a roller-coaster of bad dates, cheesy lines and heartache.

    More people, and women in particular, are becoming CEOs, world changers, business entrepreneurs and leaders of countries... so who has time for a relationship? In one way, our career has become our first love, so we tend to find it hard to find someone that can fit around, or into, our schedule. A successful career demands a lot of time and attention, but so does a relationship, so, in most cases, one gets sacrificed for the other.

    Because we have access to more, we expect more and aren't necessarily open to giving extra in return.

    Love has become a joke instead of a commitment of the heart and mind and we have lost touch with the real meaning of what it is. It's hard to find real love when we have no idea what it actually looks like, or how to give it.

    People are intimate, both physically and emotionally, before they have even had a chance to get to know each other's character or intentions.

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  • Impatience. No one has the patience for a good strong relationship. Once there is a problem they just end the relationship as soon as they get a bit tired of it.
    People waited for months to receive a letter before, but now with social media, if a girl or a guy does not reply in 10 mins they immediately assume she/he is cheating.
    I'm not gonna say fuckboys and gold diggers cuz they existed even before. Not as much as now though, cuz people still had some kind of honor


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