Why did he say he didn't feel like we match?

I met a guy from Tinder. I felt very good with him, I felt, finally, a normal guy, intellligent, funny, and very cute. We went on two dates. After the second, he didn't text me for like 5 -6 days. Then, he messaged me, saying, there is nothing wrong with me, but he does'nt feel that we match like a couple.
I just don't understand, how could I feel so different about this. I could totally imagine him as my boyfriend, and I got really interested in him..


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  • It means he doesn't find you particularly attractive or that you have some part of your personality he doesn't like.

    Forget it. Find someone else.

    And if you are on Tinder, the only thing you can expect to find is a hookup, not a relationship.

  • He might have met someone else


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