Would dating a new girl necessarily help a guy get over his ex that he had a long term relationship with?

Let's say a guy was with a girl for 2 years. She calls him and says that she slept with another guy while they were away from each other. The guy expected that he was being cheated on beforehand, and he ends up breaking up with her the day she confesses to him. A week later, he feels a connection with one his friends that has occasionally been flirting with him and that he flirts back with. He gets into a relationship with his girl to see if things could work and is wanting something serious. The physical connection between them is amazing, the sex is great, and he feels happy now since his breakup ended. Is it possible that a guy can get over a long term relationship by dating a new girl? How long would this relationship last if the new girl is considered a "rebound"?


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  • I'm just going to say that the feelings probably aren't real for you, but they might be real for her. The new girl that you're attempting to date might want a lot from you emotionally, and, because she probably is just a rebound to you, she won't get what she needs. I would honestly say give yourself a break, and don't approach any girls for a while until you sorted everything out. In the meantime, find a hobby, or hang out with some close friends. Those are usually the best things to help get your mind off of of it or anything that was involved with in that relationship previously..


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