Tips on going to a concert with a guy you like?

This is the first time I go out with this guy and also first time going to a concert, so please tell me everything I should keep in mind and what to prepare for and what should I do.


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  • Depends. Are you going to a concert where you will be seated?
    Just last week I went out with a guy for the first time and it was for a concert. We were seated. Before the concert starts you usually have a little time to talk and get to know each other. If you are nervous and don't know what to talk about well talk about the artist you are there to see or anything about music! It will be easy :)
    During the concert, if you are seated like we were, it may feel a little weird just listening, sitting closely to him and not talking or anything. But get in the music, move you head, sing, move your feet. Have fun and he will too!
    If you like him, being seated is a good excuse to initiate subtle physical contact by purposely putting your arm next to his on the arm chair. If there's a song that's playing that you like, lean in and tell him in his ear (because concerts are loud and you have to do that to be heard).
    After the concert well talk about what you guys just experienced.
    I tell you this is a good date in my book! It binds the both of you to a happy event and a specific artist! When he'll listen to that artist in the futur, you will be linked to it.
    Anyways just have fun!

    • Thank you amazing tips but actually the type of concert is standing :)

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  • Get earplugs for both of you, just in case.

  • just get wasted and act fool


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