I don’t need anyone to judge me and be mean. Me and this guy have been talking ( I’m in an abusive relationship and I don’t know how to get out So please don’t judge) well we have cheated together ( I’m not proud but it helped me know I’m getting out relationship) he said he didn’t want to date obviously. And he doesn’t date. However he has an ex in the picture that he talks to like they are dating. Well honestly i was about to leave my boyfriend for this guy ( he seemed like he secretly wants me to anyway) we’ll all of a sudden he starts talking to his ex again. And had Thanksgiving with her. Me and him hook up and we are co coworkers and I know he likes me but now he won’t hook up with me anymore. I think because of his ex however he doesn’t have a problem with always trying to tell people about me and bragging about me and touching me. I’ll ask to hang out he will pretend he wants to but then when it comes down to it he makes excuses. He even said I needed to chill out because I’m overthinking it. But he’s acting funny. Yet will say he wants me and stuff it’s like he doesn’t want me to leave him alone yet won’t hook up ( and he said I give him the best head and sex ever) he says we are talking to so what does that even mean? My situation is messy af ik but I just don’t know what to do. Anytime we are at work he always tries to get my attention and always wants to touch meand talk so what gives why won’t he hang out with me anymore and he even claims he want to sowhy doesn’t he?
  • He likes you but ex is in the picture
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  • You have to be patient. When you are the side chick, the girlfriend takes precedent.

    • Well I don’t wanna be the side chick unless I get upgraded to his girl

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    • No offence. But apparently he likes her more than you. Because that is who he is spending time with.

    • If u say so

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