Guys, are they lying?

I share a small group of friends with a man. We all talk about love and dating and so on, I mention how I’d like a boyfriend. Out of nowhere, the girls start asking me why not Tom? And I laugh it off, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. But one day they cornered me and said they’d even make it a group date so no one is nervous (we are all 25+ by the way) and we do have other single men in the hangouts. That day he was standing there and all he said “guys, she’s not interested.” Then a few days go by. I tease him a lot in a friendly way, and apparently there’s something between us that I’m not seeing. One day I run into him waiting for the bus, and he looked embarassed or anxious. That was the only time we were alone. one of our friends saw us from across the street. She took a pic of us, he yelled from across the street to send it to him. She posts it in a Facebook group message and everyone says how awesome a couple we look. This aggression is getting to be a bit much for me. Do you think he’s saying something to them, and they’re trying to hook us up? I asked the friends and they said they are doing this on their own and he never said a word to them about anything. BS?


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  • Stop worrying about them and give it a shot. Ask him out. Not because of them (or maybe because of them)... its a win win.
    If it pans out... you are happy
    if it bombs... you get to tell em you gave it a shot and they can shut the hell up now.

    • We... work together on a project. After that, which will end in three weeks, he’s gone. That’s why I’m here, I don’t know what is motivating them. Is it coming from him or are they taking it upon themselves? He isn’t telling them to knock it off when they do it. I’m doing all of that (which I’ve gotta be careful about). There’s no fooling you dude, you’ve replied to my stuff for a couple of years now, course I’m interested otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time posting. Ha

      I've just told them to chill out with the aggression since it might make him uncomfortable. It might, you never know.

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    • Well that’s because I’m here for the right reasons: to be told what I need to hear versus what I want to hear.

      Not sure I understand about who doesn’t give a fuck.

      You know what, just keeping it real, I’m not making a move until he’s done with the project. I can’t date someone I work with at all. He will move to another department so that’s fine. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why he’s silent, assuming he is in fact interested.

      For now, I just need to know if you think it’s because he said something to our friends (which they vehemently deny) or they’re just being nosey. Not sure if you’d even be able to guess.

    • nope. cuz i wasn't there. Thats why im pushing YOU to make a stand. Clear out doubt and questions.

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  • Seems like he has feelings for you but is trying not to make it a problem because he thinks you are not interested.
    The rest of the group are having fun with the idea.
    And you are not taking it seriously at all which is making things difficult.

  • Can be that he has feelings and told them or the others just think you would be a good couple. Question is what you want and if you want to give it a try.

  • they are just being friends, they see you to might have a small connection and are trying to see what happens. It harmless as long as they don't make rumors up.


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