Girls have told me they don't think they're good enough for and I always tell them they're wrong and they are more than good enough?

Yet I never think I'm good enough for the women I like and want to date. Why is this?


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  • It's easy to give great advice and not follow it yourself. There's tons of reasons why you may feel the way you do. Your confidence level may need some boosting. You could have had a really bad experience with a gal that you liked. Only you know what may have caused you to feel this way. Try going to the mirror and think of what you would say to a friend who is in need of encouragement and say it to yourself. It's going to feel awkward at first and you may think it's stupid. After a month you're gonna start feeling better and doing that once a day will feel normal. You need to learn to love yourself as well hun, you're more than enough.


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