Why my boyfriend sends fancy stickers to his guy friend via text, but never to me?

He said, that was his friend's idea , the friend likes the fancy stickers. Really?


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  • There's probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, and I do have a theory lol.

    Stickers, like emojis or Bitmoji or meme stickers, all those types of custom keyboard things that can be sent through iMessage or snapchat, SOME people see them as childish. I know a few couples who use them ironically and unironically to be cute or annoying with one another, but it's most commonly used to be funny or annoy friends.
    I genuinely don't think you have anything to worry about if he "isn't sending you stickers" but try sending him stickers and see if he responds positively. It may sound childish but digital stickers don't fit into every person's every conversation content. Some people only use them when they're trying to make a point or arguing or trying to be annoying and obnoxious or silly. If your boyfriend and you don't communicate this way then he may just not see stickers fitting into your convo.

    • Yeah, that's how he explained, he only replied to his friend in order to annoy him. I was worried because our text convo can get dry sometimes, and I don't know what to do with it.

    • May I ask how you two communicate when you're actually together? What's the dynamic like? And how often do you see each other and/or text

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  • Seriously, there are bigger things to worry about.

    • I have speculations too. What are those things you think?

    • They're stickers. Not even stickers, virtual stickers. Now you think he's cheating on you because he sent his friends some virtual stickers. It's ridiculous tbh. I have a friend that sends me stickers when we text, it means nothing.

    • Tbh, I wasn't worried about cheating, I think he doesn't find texting me is interesting any more... And he might have texted his friend things about us, since he grabbed his phone when I was curious to see what stickers they used.

  • Maybe he thinks you don't like them

  • He is gay


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