Does he like me? what do I say?

so I got a new job and it was my first day and there's a guy and we were flirting so I looked over at him and he gave me a thumbs up and then he came behind me and pulled my ponytail. we were working toghether and he would mess with me and playfully push me and be like ohh sorry didn't c u there and we were just messing around and I was just standing there and he was like u know u can restock and then when I was helping him he was like u didn't actually have to do that wand we just talked and then my shift was over and I wet bck into my work and I was talking to my friend and he was staring at me and then he was like u didn't say bye to me I c how it is and he asked me if I was gonna e at church tnight? so what should I say when I c him? does he like me? ik he thinks im cute


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