Does he see a future with me?

My boyfriend have been together for approximately two months now. He got sad when I told him that I'm supposed to be going to NY with my dad for the summer this year and asked if I have to go. He seemed really upset that I said I probably do (I'm trying to get out of it). Also, he keeps inserting himself into parts of my future. Like I was talking about my goals for medical school and stuff (2 and a half years away at this point) and he kept adding himself into it. For instance I was talking about learning to give vaccines and do blood draws and stuff, so he told me that he will not be a pin cushion for me to practice on. And when I joked about having to go overseas for med school he said it's okay because he can sit on the beach drinking while I study. He has also introduced me to a lot of his friends and his parents.

If you want anymore details just ask.

Does it sound like he is seeing a future with me? (And I know we haven't been together long at all, and things can change. I'm just curious)


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  • It's a bad sign when your SO doesn't include your relationship in their vision of the future. The fact that you don't however is a bad sign.

    • I actually do, mentally, just not verbally. Obviously I am not going to talk about him when I am talking about being in class. He isn't going to be there, in class with me. I always just assume he is there, and do not see the need for saying it out loud. Plus, I would not have wanted to add him into the future plans verbally and make him think I was rushing into things since we haven't been together long. I didn't know if he was also thinking about a future together, therefore wouldn't want to seem overzealous about one with him

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    • I was talking about his natural scent, not cologne or anything like that.
      I'm not sure to reflect this unto him lol

    • Bro, it's simple... Is he talking about your future? Yes or no.

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