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So I like this guy, we met and went out on a date. Forgot to mention he's a tinder boy, but has morals of an old soul. He paid for my dinner, was polite, had a sexy country accent lol, and held the door open for me and the people behind us. We have another date this Saturday. He's a hunter, fisher, and farmer. I'm a city girl, I like the indoors and outdoors, and dancing. I honestly love animals, but eat meat (I know hypocritical) but I don't like the thought of him hunting. But I do respect that he does it. Is that bad that I don't agree with it? Will this make our lives more interesting? Learning new things?


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  • Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you shouldn't date him. It's perfectly fine to not agree on everything. Ask him about it. A lot of hunters actually hunt to keep invasive populations under control and help the ecosystem. The point is, it's fine not to agree on everything or not have the exact same interests, but at least have a few interests in common.


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