Talked about past relationships with boyfriend. Next day he follows his ex?

Last night my boyfriend and I️ were talking about past relationships. Then, the next day I️ saw that he had followed a food account by his ex. This is an ex he also still has a photo of on Instagram. He doesn’t follow her main account because he told me “we both decided it’s better not to follow each other to respect our new relationships”. I️ feel really insecure now, I️ feel he still isn’t over her. She has had this food account for a few months, and i saw that he had been like photos posted on I️t for a while now. I️ just don’t get why he decided to follow I️t after our talk. This was an ex he had told me “the first time we had sex I️t was probably the best first time I’ve ever had with someone”.

I️ feel he still maybe has feelings for her? I️ don’t really know. I️ also know he’s done things for her/with her, that’s he’s never done with/for me. And I️ just feel he still has feelings. He also hasn’t answered my texts as he got upset i asked him about the follow.


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  • bad idea to talk about past relationships, It brings up unnecessary drama scenes/conflicted feelings/memories it might make both feel more insecure when in comparison and get the wrong ideas. For me, lesson learned.


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