Why dont I get asked out by guys?

I posted my actual picture as my profile. I don't see an option to upload it. I'm a 32 year old single mom and I never get asked out. I'm going with me being a parent may be an issue or I am just ugly. I am 32 years old i am 4'11. The only other thing i can think of my neighbors thought i was a teen mom and I'm not. What do you guys and gals think? Honest answers please..


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  • You asked for honesty. Here it is. I will be blunt, because I believe that sugar coating reality will not help you.
    You are overweight; you have a child; you are at an age at which women begin to hit the wall, which means that their sexual market value plummets, because their looks begin to fade and the hands on the fertility clock are getting close to midnight.
    My suggestions would be to lose the excess weight; get your body toned and sculpted; offer men something that will enhance their lives.
    For a man in your age range to be interested, you will need to offer him a lot more than access to a BBW vagina and an opportunity to pay for and raise another man’s child.

    • Absolutely fantastic answer and I agree 100%. I find myself ignoring questions like this because I feel the truth hurts sometimes and the last thing I want to do is hurt someone's feelings. Even though it may not be what she wants to hear, it is the truth and exactly why she isn't having any success. I applaud you for being honest and telling it like it is! I hope she can take it positively.

    • I appreciate it actually :) my feelings aren't hurt but i am glad someone said something. Not everyone is. Like when my kid ask me if she can sing i don't say well never sing for simon lol. I don't however tell her she has an amazing voice when she doesn't. I wanted to know what it is because if its an issue i can't improve on lol i know im not a 9. However even people who only talk to me because they like my kid can't tell me honesty they say oh your pretty. I'd rather get honest feedback so thankyou.

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  • probably being a mom.


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  • A lot of guys are into older women now and have a harder time admitting it in person (guilty) and many guys find mother figures sexually appealing especially in recent years

  • It might be the kids but I'm also only 20 so who can say for 30s maybe look I to single men with kids?

  • If you started dieting till you got lean that'll raise your chances of having a relationship.

    • Stay strong don't let anything come come first before your kid.

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