Why the change?

About a week ago I told my boyfriend I loved him and he wasn’t able to say it back. I’m not offended, we had a long talk and I understand he’s close just not quite there. Anyway after I told him, something seemed to change he’s become more attentive and acts a lot like when we first started dating. I have a feeling it’s because maybe he feels bad he didn’t say it back I’m not sure.
it’s confusing me because when I told him I thought he would say it back bc of how he talks and acts. his actions say that he’s defiantly in love but for some reason he couldn’t say it. I know he’s gonna need his time to say it when he’s ready but it confuses me bc he acts like he does love me.

He says it’s not that he doesn’t love me it’s just that he wants to be 100% sure he does. Does this mean he does and just isn’t ready to say it or that he’s telling me this to make me feel better. His behavior is just a little confusing because if he doesn’t love me yet I don't know what it will look like when he does lol


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  • he just wants to be sure


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