Why do women blame men?

When women are more likely to shame a other woman for being fat and race her to being prettier to attract men as a competition by diet, makeup, etc. Why do you blame men?

Yes, somewhere at some time a man said I like thin girls, or I like shaved armpits or I love that makeup on you.

Sure that happened but it's you girls who in competition with each other keep it all up. If you all stopped at once I'm 100% sure we would still pair up. So why blame men for the standard you are setting with each other?

Men do not force you to shave or eat less or put on makup... so I'm sorry but that isn't something I really feel you have the right to blame us for. We like it... we don't make you do it. That is your choice. L


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  • I also don't think men are all to blame. Sure there are some scummy dudes who actually do say things like "ew women shouldn't have any body hair" or "girls over 100 pounds are fat" and whatever, but that's like some stupid minority.

    Most difficult thing to realise is that some of these insecurities are placed by other women. There is no-one so keen to complain about how young women dress than older women.

    Not one man has ever complained about dark circles under my eyes, told me that my eyelashes are short or that I'm fat. Women have told me those things.

    Of course I'm also lucky since all the men in my life have been mostlt very kind and caring. Some of my friends have not been so lucky. They have been told that they're ugly, fat, hairy, stupid...
    But stupid people are everywhere.

    • Thank you, I worry that most women think men are masoganistic rapists that like to beat women and should be feared.

      I see so many posts from women about how man are so horrible.

      I honestly being a man and working with many wonder how this is possible when I work with only great men.

      I sometimes worry with all the group's claiming we are somehow holding them down that when someone looks at me they think that automatically I am that man.

      I don't think 95% of men are "That man"

    • I'm sorry you feel that way. It always hurts when someone thinks the worst of you just because you fit in a group.

      I work in a very man-heavy industry and it's pretty clear and most of men, just like most of women are just bunch of normal people who try to live their lives.

    • Thanks again. It takes a lot to be as honest as you were there

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  • Yea... just a heads up dude... you are not gonna get through to that many females. already had this conversation with them when i ask why they wear low hanging tops that they have to keep pulling up, or short skirts they have to keep pulling down.
    My response has always been "because it makes me feel cute..." and then i ask... cute... FOR WHO? obvious answer being "for men"... but then they deny that shit every time. Like we are stupid.

    why make yourself uncomfortable then? if it wasn't for something.

    • I'm not worried about reaching the ones who can't admit the truth to themselves.

      Blaming men for how they treat each other as if it's us who does it and force them to hit weight targets or put on just the right amount of makup or shave...

      Honestly man I can't remember a time a girl snuggled up and I said "go shave" or " uhh not until you fix that Smokey eye look" or " wow not until you hit the gym and lose a few pounds"

      I have heard girls nitpick each other to hell and back though behind each other's back and to bully each other.

    • As men, we all know that. but they never admit it. My last friends with benefits, when my legs rubbed against hers... yea she had some prickly (and I don't know why women have such hard leg hairs) hairs... but i never once said "damn girl, you need to shave that shit"... if she wanted to, she would have and i was comfy with her decision not to.
      Other women would be freaking the fuck out. I don't know why women base themselves off of what THEY THINK men want...
      i think its because as men, women have let us know that every girl is different, but not many men pound it into their skulls that every man is different too...
      I try to... but im only one voice.
      Regardless of my number of Takes... just One voice.
      need to write a new article...

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  • I’ve accepted that men are visual creatures. It is not something they can control. They like what they like and that isn’t me. It’s fine. I do not blame men for their lack of interest in me.


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  • Not all women blame men for their problem. It's mostly just the feminists.


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