What kinds of relationships do you look for?

I feel like the idea of a romantic relationship these days has to do with having another person validate your personality and your life choices. Which is why there is much insecurity when approaching the opposite sex. Bc if someone rejects you, its like they're saying your personality sucks and your life is lame, or something. At least this is how I've thought of it for so long. But lately I've been thinking maybe there are other types of relationships to be had. My favorite relationships are the ones where we don't ask anything of each other. We're literally just friends, not boyfriend or girlfriend, just like bros. I don't even try to take things to the next level or whatever bc i enjoy their company just as we are now. I don't like feeling clingy anymore. What kind of relationship do you look for?


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  • Someone who is somewhat like me, and is like my best friend. 😊


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