Choosing not to text crush. Can you relate?

Heart feels like it's gona jump out of my chest when I see her. We texted a bit last week but as of yet have not hung out one on one. Just groups.

I feel that texting could lead her on while we are just getting to know one another before deciding to date. But MAN I want to talk to her. Can anyone relate?

(we go to church so dating can be quite intentional/serious)


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  • I could relate kind of. Like i want to talk to this guy but i just feel like im bothering him.

    • Sure... I get that. I'm more so not wanting to further my relationship with her too much before it would be appropriate to meet. So hard though =/ I SO want to talk to her right now... Any idea if your guy is into you? Or is it more of a crush from afar?

    • i wouldn't necessarily call it a crush but its like i like him one day and not the other... its very on and off...

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