Girls, Some days everything is great but then out of nowhere she blows up at me, need help figuring out what to do?

Me and my lady have been together for 2 years and I asked her to marry me , and she said yes ! I was excited that i found the woman of my dreams. Her birthday was couple of day ago and I took her out spoiled her as much as I could and it was a great day , no arguing or stress , nothing everything was perfect , now two days later she started arguing with me saying I'm not the one , that I need to get my shit together , etc. I understand her saying I need to get my shit together because I don't have my own place yet , I love her and I do my best to try to understand each other and work things out , but she never wants to listen to me or even try to work things out , she rather take advice from her friends than to talk things out with me , right now she's angry I don't have my own place and i understand , but like I was trying to tell her it take time and money and patience. But she doesn't seem to wanna listen to anything I say , I've always been a faithful guy , I work 12hour days , and I always make time for her. Last night she blew up on me saying she doesn't give a fuck about me that I'm not the one , that I'm not good enough and that she's tired of waiting , everything she told me hurt me and when she's angry she says things that hurt but in the back of my mind I believe she only says it because she mad and stressed. She lives with me at my parents because her parents kicked her out because of her dog , so for the last 3 months I've been working and trying to save money so we can get our own place hoping that everything will be better after that , but she's not patient and hard headed.
she keeps wanting to break up and I keep fighting to stay together because I believe that getting through hard times together will make our relationship stronger , she calls me crazy and I tell her I am crazy about her.
What can I do to try and ease her mind? Or should I finally give up? I'm just so confused I don't know what to do anymore , i don't know how to make her happy


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  • That's a strange situation. Is she working towards it too? As otherwise id bring that up to her. As she's in a worse situation by being kicked out by her parents.


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