How would you ask a girl out?

Basically if i've been texting for like 2 months, met her a few times and I have a crush on her. And its a big deal because no girl has ever made me feel the way I do when I talk to her.
I've never asked out anyone before, mostly because all the girls were too stuck up
But this girl
she's perfect in my eyes
I don't know if im perfect for her tho
But I really need specifics, suppose I get the courage to ask her out. When should I do it, how should I do it, what shoud I say?
Please please be specific


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  • So you're having a conversation, she's responding, everything's going good. You're making jokes, she's laughing. You can tell that she's happy. Then just say something like 'Let's go to (whichever place) on (whichever day)'. And that's all you need to do.

    • Well, we mostly text cuz we live far and we can meet up only for events and movies and whatnot
      But I've done what you said, we went for a movie just the two of us, but how do I make her know that I like her? Is it alright to do it over text?

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    • All good, man. First I'd look at the signs. I'd want to know that she likes me too. In your case, she's texting you - good. She's also gone out with you before - very good, she wouldn't go on a date with a guy she didn't like. So the next step would be to go on perhaps one more date and see how she's responding. Every date you go on, you want to aim to get a little closer to her. Be that touching, holding hands, cuddling, kissing. Etc. See how you go with those things.

      At the end of a good date, take her somewhere nice - a park, the beach etc. Preferably in the evening, it's more romantic. Face her, tell her 'Hey, I'm having an amazing time with you and I think you're an amazing person'. After saying that see how she responds and you can take it from there. If all goes well, you can even ask her if she wants to step things up and make things official if you like.

      If she gives you the 'aw, thanks', ask her how she feels. She could just bit a little nervous or unsure what to say.

    • Wow, this helped me a lot bro, mad respect

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