Should I slide in his Dm?

So like I just followed this guy on twitter and he's pretty bomb and he's my age and goes to the same school. Should I slide in his dms? Or just leave it cause that's weird?


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  • If he goes to the same school, talk to him at school.

    • Yeah that would easy if there wasn't a million people that go to the same school

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    • True I mean he could reject me. But do guys like when girls do that?

    • You're not going to tell him you're madly in love with him, lol. Don't worry about rejection. The worst thing that could happen is he doesn't respond. If so, who cares. And yes, most guys will feel flattered if girl messages them, especially if they find the girl attractive.

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  • slide into those DM s and tell him to meet u at a certain spot u think is good at ur school

    • So I say hey let's meet at the library?

    • yea but first u gotta make him want to go guys dont just go cause u said so u need to talk to him for a short while like a hour or so and make him really interested in you make him think wen can i meet her then u say hey lets meet at the library and he will be there waiting

  • ... Huh?

  • Yes.


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