Is this cute? Or pushing it?

I help with set-up at church. My crush came up to me as soon as she walked in the door and asked if she could help. There wasn't a ton left for her to do so I had her help hang like a sign up..

Would it be cute for me to text her saying "Hey, didn't get a chance to talk to you at church. It was cool of you to help set up as soon as you arrived. Just wanted you to know I appreciated it."

Since she only did 1 thing would that be cute? Or pushing it?


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  • Text her, always

    But use less words
    Something like "Sorry, I didn't get to thank you for helping out today, I was very busy" would do enough

  • I think it's ok. She'll probably reply she didn't do much. This is when you say " you being there gave the motivation to work hard"

  • Naw you're good. You should have talked to her in person, though and she will notice that


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