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So I had been seeing this girl for a while, I took her out on a second date after having hung out several times before. I tried reaching out to her several times afterward, she reads my texts and never would respond, this was happening over the course of a month and a half. During that time, she would only get to me if she was bored and wanted to see what me and my friends were up to, ask me off beat questions, or most recently, after not hearing from her for a month and cutting her from my life with social media, she out of the blue hit me up a couple days ago asking me if I would start working out with her. I really do care about this girl, she knows that I like her. I don't like how she's treating me and I'd love to talk to her to to let her know how she's hurting me and hoping she "gets right". What should I really do with this?


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  • If you can work it out, great but she seems to be playing a game. Reeling you in only when you pull away sort of thing

  • As long as he’s taller than me


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