How do I ask out a guy who I barely know?

Its two weeks left before the end of the semester, I still haven't spoken to the guy I'm interested in. He already knows that I'm interested in him for the past month. But I've never had the courage to go up to talk to him. At first, he wanted me to talk to him but I never did so he's given up on me by now.

Tomorrow, I plan on just smiling at him for the first time then I will ask him what the answer is for a specific question on the test. Since we probably be only seeing each other 2 more times before class officially ends and never see each other again, how should I keep in contact with him?

Should I just give my number to him or should I tell him that I would like to hangout with him. How should I say it? If I go up to him, he would clearly know that I'm only doing it cuz I'm interested in him already so there's no hiding anything. I'm so inexperienced that I'm not sure how to bring this up.


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  • I think both would be fine... give him your number or ask him if he would like to hang out. Keep it simple. Then the ball is in his court.

  • Literally just ask if he'd like to go out sometime it's not rocket science. Either he's going to say no or sure. Not over complicate things.


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