Is she into me? Or?

I've been crushing hard on her. Been texting a bit and like she seems super responsive and genuine and responds real quick. But she doesn't turn the questions around too often to me.. or like adds the the convo besides her detailed answers.

At church today I spotted her looking at me a bit and as soon as she walked in she called my name and asked how she can help me set up.

Uncertain about what to think.


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  • It's all about her... she loves that. If you wanna date her it's going to be like that. Just know that if you continue. Well unless she grows up like we do every 5 years and become slightly better or worse.


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  • I think so but the only way to know for sure is ask. Some people only like to talk about themselves so that doesn't necessarily mean she's not interested.

  • Time to ask the question to her bro. Let her know.


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