What fix this complicated relationship?

There is this guy that this girl really like since last 5 years or so and fortunately he had been asking her out since last couple of years. But I was scared dute to a bad relationship in the past and the girl belongs to a broken family. So she always used to refuse his proposal and finally when she accepted it's been couple of months but whenever they plan out to meet the guy doesn't show up. He is really sweet and nice person. He is mostly the one who texts and tries to connect to this girl but she doesn't know how to reply as she is really nervous and confused and over excited while talking to him. Which eventually makes her look like she is being arrogant and now the guy has stopped texting and she fells really guilty about it and doesn't know what to do.


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  • *"I was scared dute to a bad relationship in the past"*

    The ego is the part of your mind that stays focused on the past. It has a really potent message about the past that it feeds you all the time, and that message is: Watch out, it's going to happen again.

    You have to become willing to create a different reality. Your life will not turn out differently unless you do something different. And luckily, you can.

    When you start to feel yourself getting a little anxious or fearful, stop and take notice. Think to yourself, "Oh here it is, I'm starting to get freaked out."

    This step helps you start to disengage from the fear as the ultimate reality. It helps you to realize that you are not your fear.

    Recognize that peace lives in you.

    Really. It does.

    Often we want the people around us to mold and change so we can feel better. But actually if we are scared of the past (OUR past) then it's our job to regain a sense of peace.

    Ideally the people in our lives will support us when we're scared, but ultimately it's not their job to make everything better. Once we realize this, then we stop relying so heavily on others to feel safe.

    Prayer and meditation are great tools to bring you back into the present. If you simply close your eyes, feel your breath, and listen to your heart, you can easily re-center and orient yourself back to now.

    Texting has become a part of every day life.

    Read this articles for more information.



    "*she doesn't know how to reply as she is really nervous and confused and over excited while talking to him. "*

    You mind is going to provide you your greatest challenges in life, because it is so powerful
    So, if you can conquer your mind, you can pretty much conquer anything else around you, literally.

    THERE WILL ALWAYS BE DOUBTERS, and people below you, and people trying to put you down so they can feel higher, but you gotta STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF.
    BELIEVE in your mind. Have some tunnel vision.
    Then one day you will have your moment.
    Because ANYTHING is possible if you just BELIEVE!

    FEED your DREAMS.
    If you can suffer through setbacks, through pain, RISE up with resilience once again, and again, and again!
“This is your time to shine”
    You just have to believe.

    Hope it Helps.


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  • Firstly you need to figure out exactly what you want and what is right for you right now. If you live in in a situation where you have a family that's completely dysfunctional and it's a hindrance to your life then you need to get that straightened out first. Also in this current state that you in are you in any mental emotional and psychological position to even be involved with somebody on that level at this current level? Also how very important is this person is to you that you're willing to go this far for? What purpose are you getting out of this kind of relationship let alone from this person? And lastly what is your overall intention of dating in the first place? Because you need a lot more logical and rational reasons to be involved than using emotional reasons. Because of emotional reasons Trump's over rational then you're better off finding somebody who can give you professional counseling, and get your emotional baggage in order. At the same time, if you really care for this guy, just talk to him if you trust him. Otherwise, why be with somebody who you can't trust? It's best not to make your situation so complicated than what it doesn't have to be.


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