How to break the news to my parents that he's serious about marriage?

So my parents know I have a boyfriend. They don't know the seriousness of it though.
He wants me to meet his family and he and I are in love and he's extremely serious about proposing to me in the near future.
I've told my mum specifically about relationships I've been in but I just said "oh it was casual he and I aren't serious." This one is obviously very different.
I haven't said anything about my boyfriend to either parent, my mom actually found out about him by herself and told my dad. So I think bringing him up to my mum will be awkward?
My dad is Muslim, he thinks me dating is a "phase" and is very adamant about arranging my marriage. When he found out about my boyfriend he gave me the silent treatment but he and I are once again in good terms. My mum is Christian, but is overprotective.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Bring your parents together for meeting and tell him how things
    are going the worst thing is to leave one parent in the dark about things
    i would let both know who you love and whom you tend to be with sure your dad
    won't accept things my opinion he will just have to get use to whom
    you are serious being with.

  • Arranged marriage? That shit veeery seldom works out these days


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd tell your mum. Just because her finding out herself will probably make things worse

    • But how do I tell her though?

    • Just tell her when she mentions your boyfriend that your thinking of marriage but with him

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