Why did things fizzle out?

For context, I’ve been friends with a boy since early summer but I know he’s been interested in me for longer. We seem to have this habit (insinuated by him) where we’ll talk tons for a few days, then not at all for weeks on end.
Recently we finally decided to hang out for the first time, and things seemingly went really well. Things were really affectionate and there was definitely chemistry. Afterwards, we made plans to hang out again that week but he unfortunately got sick (and was out of school too).
After that, things just fizzled out. We’re not talking at all now, just like what’s always happened in the past. For some reason I figured things wouldn’t happen this way, just based on the time we actually spent together. Does anyone have advice, or can maybe give some insight as to what he’s thinking? It’s been roughly three/four weeks


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  • It will be best if you visit him and find out for yourself

  • Reach out to him. You’ll lean from it and see what happens. If your in school I assume your fairly young so most young guys have shot attention spans


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