Why does he keep asking me to

hang out with him and he keeps telling me his going to call me but either he is always late or he calls late or he doesn't call me at all but yet he keeps telling me he will


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  • He is immature, and not respectful. If he respected you, he would make his appointments, even for phone calls, unless something happened, which would be very rare. If he were mature, he would treat you like the precious princess you are, and seek to earn the privilege of your company, not keep acting like it is a right, or a privilege for you to have him talk to you. It is appropriate for you to feel like it is a privilege to be with the guy God wants you to be with, but he should see it as a privilege to be with you, as well.

    • How should I tell him to get his shis together or ill stop seeing him ?

    • The next time you talk with him, tell him that, if he wants you to have anything else to do with him, he will have to respect you and stop lying to you. If he tries to suggest that he hasn't lied to you, let him know that any time the words that come out of his mouth, and his actions, don't add up, without prior explanation, you have no choice other than to see it as a lie.

  • He's trying to establish that you are not the only thing in his life; that he has things going on. It seems like he's trying to hard though. either that or he doesn't have time for you.

    • I know I'm not the only thing in his life and I'm not trying to be it either

      but trust me I know he has time because he is not a busy man

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