i met a guy out a 6 or so months back at the club and we hooked up, couldnt keep our hands off each other.. etc, but no sex, i left, he added me on facebook and told me it was nice to meet me. i thought it was just a hook up.. and we started talking and he just didn't seem interested, we had long in depth conversations, but there was no flirting, nothing. i let it be for a few months and then on a whim, randomly msged him again about a couple of months ago. this time he seemed more interested, and one of the first things he said was "lets catch up for coffee"

he's soo shy. he doesn't go out much, drink or take drugs, he's very family orientated and is heavily into his sport.

we have been on 4 dates since and have talked almost every day but we haven't even as much as hugged yet..

he also doesn't reply.. if he's busy.

these are all red flags in my books that he's just not interested..

but if he isn't.. why then continue to ask me on dates, send me "xx"s and stuff..

but if he is interested, why in gods earth hasn't he initiated any physical behaviour..

in person he's just as shy too, but im just so confused right now...

halp xx


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  • U answers your own question he is shy maybe your his first or he really likes you plus how is not replying if he is busy a red sigh for him not being intrested?

    • true.. it just plays on my mind ahaha

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    • ahhh ok ok ! so do you think he could be just clueless and need some help along? i have told him i like him and want to catch up with him more! and he has wanted to go on more dates. im just confused about the physical side of things... i mean he's a guy.. i thought he would of tried to sleep with me by now... or even just kiss... kinda weird coming from a guy who when we met couldnt keep our hands off each other

    • I started kissing mine a month in and she iniated sex 2 months in but we spoke everyday in that time frame

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  • He is not interested


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  • He probably has mixed feelings. He doesn’t know what he wants.

  • Probably doesn't want you.


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