Why do girls flake out on dates?

I met this girl though mutual friends and we had a lot in common. We went on our first date, making pizza at my place, and it was a lot of fun. We ended up sleeping together. So I asked her out on a second date and she said yes but she had to reschedule. So now she flaked on the reschedule. What would be a good way to see if she’s still interested?

Some background info. We are fairly flirtatious over texts and I don’t text her every day. We text about every 2 days.


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  • Either she found someone better/ more interesting or she’s actually busy. Either way, she’s not making you a priority. If you want an actual relationship, you might want to move on, because she doesn’t seem to looking for commitment (or at least not from you.
    if you’re not looking for anything serious , don’t complain, you got free sex and welcome to hook up culture.

    • Haha I thought I was out of that culture. Did that a bunch in college and after college. Ohh well

What Guys Said 1

  • Cos' on average they have at least 3 guys texting or flirting with them at one time. They can afford to be picky.


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