What can a women bring to a relationship?

I have a friend who is in a relationship. He takes her evrywhere, buys her food, helps her with honework, and many other tasks. All of which is great.
However, He tells me that in any relationship there os never 50/50. He likes the control and treating her overboard at times. I have told him the best relationships happen when both share roles equally. Give and take sort of deal. Outside of time, availability, sex, and personality what can she bring to the table if he feels that he is all around better than her?


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  • hopefully whatever he needs. in my opinion, the best relationships are not split down the middle but offering strength where there is weakness.

    • no one is all around better in a relationship. everyone needs help in some way even if they dont understand that. he may have bo idea what he depends upon her for doesn't mean he does not. i dont mean sex by the way. other stuff.

      and he may intentionally date people who can not help him so he can feel dominant. but he will remain weaker that way. feel stronger but be weaker. fools errand. first thing about being human is acknowledge you're just that.

    • Thats a great way to put it. Is that why opossites attract?

    • I think opposites compliment but attraction can happen with any combo. though really luckily since no people are exactly the same you can compliment a person you're similar too. bc even similar people are different and have different needs at different times. even in a practical sense.

      like we could both be molecular biologists love soccer and jazz and getting foot rubs, but I to get up earlier than you and you went to sleep later so i wake you and you're not late for work. or you catch something i dropped about to fall on my foot, my foot does not break which is good bc it was my turn to take out the trash which helped you bc you got a really important phone call right before the trash truck came, and if the trash was not picked up wed both suffer bc your mom is coming to visit tomorrow.. different people- similar in aspect or different- supporting different needs at different times helps everyone --

      #team work


  • Maybe she brings out the best in him. Some people really enjoy taking care of others and feeling like a hero.


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  • {Outside of time, availability, sex, and personality what can she bring to the table if he feels that he is all around better than her}

    You are either dating the wrong woman or you're full of shit.


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