How does it feel to start dating a friend?

My friend and I have been really good friends for like 6 months now. I saw him as just a friend from the moment I met him because I wasn't attracted to him. And because we're coworkers. I was never sure about his feelings for me, but one day we got to that topic and we made it clear to each other that we're platonic. He might've just said that because I said it first, and actually did had feelings for me, but who knows maybe he really did think of me as just a friend too.
Anyways, as time passed by, one thing led to another, and now I've fallen for him. I have no idea how this happened, I guess it was always there but I wasn't aware. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same. It's just that I turned him down (jokingly) so many times that I completely understand his behavior.
This is the first for me, I have never developed feelings for someone over time. It was always from the start or never, and all my relationships started first as flirting then dating then becoming good friends, both mine and their intentions were always clear from the start. But this is different. I was always such a firm believer that attraction CAN'T develop over time, and now I'm biting my own tongue. I will definitely talk to him about this, but I'm just wondering how does it feel to date a friend?


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  • If he has started dating someone, then he would probably think that it is just because he is "taken" by someone else.

    • No he's not dating anyone. I encouraged him so many times, I was even his wing man couple of times on night outs, and he just wasn't interested in any girl. He even rejected one really cute girl who asked for his number once, lol.

  • my best friend and his wife, were friends for about 4 years, they got married 3 months ago


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