Did he mean he's in love?

A guy and I have been dating for several months and we are pretty serious about each other. We confessed that we like each other and have feelings. He said I have a huge impact on him. He said I make him very happy and that I'm fantastic and amazing. He told his closest friends and mom about me and he said it's been awhile since he felt this way. He said he feels like he is in high school again and he gives me forehead kisses all the time. Sometimes he will pick me up and carry me to my car (bridal style and the kind where he picks you up and you wrap your legs around him). He even wrote a song indirectly about me and said I'm the reason why he wrote it. We are very in sync with each other. Once we hugged really tight. Really tight. Then he said I'm gonna carry you. And he picked me up and we hugged like that for a bit. He told me that "he finds something a little more special in me" and that he wants to be with me. He knows that Im not the type to have lustful sex. He told me "theres 2 kinds of sex. Lustful sex and sex where 2 people want to be in a relationship *pause* aaaand there might be love involved." Did he mean he's in love with me?


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  • By the sounds of it before the last bit I would say he is In love with you


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