Getting kicked out party by "ex"?

one of my friends had a party and invited me out to celebrate with them. I did not know that they contacted my "ex" who immediately kicked me out. well of course id be pissed so i get upset at them both. because i felt like it was planned and that was the stupidest thing ever to invite me out for that and then kick me out. well this ex is a bit "fabulous" lol so i am not THAT upset but i felt that I was mistreated. So I guess do I apologize to and how because its been a while and i dont care if we are friends or not its just I care more about her and reconciliing even if we won't be anything anymore. how should i contact her through facebook? and is that embarrassing because the holidays and my birthday is coming up and I dont want her to think Im am sneaking my way in for that lol. anyways that guy is super annoying and he constantly pulls stupid stuntslike that


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  • I wouldn't waste my time apologizing! If she went along with kicking you out after inviting you, then she's just as much to blame as he is. People need to grow the fuck up and learn to be civil in these situations. It's inevitable... eventually you'll run into an ex and dealing with it like a mature adult is the only way to move on with your lives.

    • Well see the thing is, she contacted him to find out where the best place to party is. So obviously he knew that I was coming. But he is a jealous person anyways. So I dont know if that was planned necessarily, however, how can he kick me out and party with my friends without me... that was the stupidest shit ever. But he lives for the party life I actually dont know why i was with him he ain't my type at all because he's too sweet in the middle lol. I dont think it was her fault though. I think he was just being a bitch nigga. LIke a cool guy. But I feel bad because she did a lot for me so... thats fucked up to curse her out over a shitty guy.

    • he asked me to leave, I didn't cause fuck him I dont gotta leave, then he picks me up and throws me out saying he has history with me. So why did they get to stay and me leave? When he had to have known that I was coming like duh..

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