How do I reignite our spark?

I’m loosing her and frankly i feel like she’s loosing me also. I care about this girl but the spark we once felt is fading. I want to change that. I can feel her intrigue with me fading and my interest in her is doing the same.
I don’t want this, I haven’t even told her I liked her, just hinted at it. I thought Jose feeling were gone for me. And yesterday I spoke to her and realized as I spoke and seen her. Those feelings I had aren’t gone. What should I do?
I miss the way we were.


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  • Try doing more things together. Be more open. Maybe spice it up in the bed room! Show her you still care be for she thinks there is no more hope. Men don't usually see that they push their women away at times! Shower her with some kisses do small things make her heart jump! Flowers ! A little nail appointment show her your feelings! And how you still want her! I'm sure she will be happy we tend to love the small things!

    • We haven’t actually gotten to that point yet. We hang out now and again. But I have a problem when it comes to closing the deal show to speak. When we are together I feel it but when we are apart, I just think I’m pushing and she’s not sure what she wants

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  • Ok so how long has this relationship been going on?

    • About 2 months. We are close friends and it has always been this unspoken thing about how we felt about each other. Now I’m not sure but I want to go back.

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    • Maybe your right. I met this girl in June but we didn’t start talking until September. But it feels like so much longer for some reason.

    • Ya move on. People have such an issue with breaking up. The whole point of dating is finding someone to be with forever. If your not compatable it is what it is. On to the next. The reason people hate eachother aftet a breakup is they. probably stayed togeather longer than they should have.

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