When They Flake.. Leave It In Their Court?

About a week ago I met a girl. She seemed really into me. I set a date for last night. We sent each other text messages off and on throughout the week. We originally set the date for yesterday afternoon and said she remembered she had a volunteer meeting in the afternoon and asked if I could go out at night and get dinner. I accepted. She told me her family was in town last weekend celebrating an early birthday. She sent me a text yesterday and said she was cleaning up after her volunteer meeting. I had a feeling she was going to flake. She did sound legitimtely busy over the weekend. She concluded she was tired, had a bad headache. She wanted to feel good when she hung out with me and asked to reschedule. She said she was sorry. I said it was ok and to let me know when she was available. She said she would let me know and said she felt bad. I said it was ok and to feel better. Typically when they flake.. regardless of the circumstances.. I leave the ball in their court. I don't contact.. I let them come back to me. Sometimes they do.. sometimes they don't. I've stayed persistent with women in the past and it never worked. Should I still continue to pursue.. and leave rhe ball in hee court?


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  • Absolutely. You don't want to come off as needy or desperate. Better to let her "miss" you and come to you on her own terms.


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  • Leave her and be bluntly honest


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