Asked a shy girl out. What to think of her answer? Should I try it again later?

I asked a girl out whom I "know" from my university. We don't know each other much. Actually, we talked only about school. So she doesn't know anything about me and vice versa.
I was really nervous, she told me we'll text. She blushed. It was rather awkward. Then I texted her, she told sth like "your attention is really nice but I have too much things to do right now". I take ut as no. However, I'm confused.
She's never had a boyfriend according to the people that know her. She's a bit shy and generally more of an introvert. Now it's strange to meet her. I didn't sit next to her twice and didn't talk to her except for "hi" because I didn't know what to expect from her and it seems she's started avoiding me a bit. It's not like I'm avoiding her, I didn't want to annoy her or to seem needy by sticking to her again or talking immediatelly to her. So I preferred other friends for the time being. However, it was fun with her before this attempt. I screwed up asking out by being nervous... Should I try again after some time and how? I usually do not do it but I really like this girl. Is there a chance that I just scared her since she's an introvert and inexperienced plus my nervousness. Or maybe she needs to know me better first? What do you think? What would you do if you were in my shoes? I appreciate both - girls' (especially similar personality to hers) as well as boys' point of view.


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  • I believe that there's a chance you scared her, but like you said it's because of her being shy, you did nothing wrong.
    Yes, I think you should try again while she gets to know you better. You can start by talking to her about school again, this is what you're both comfortable with when talking, then you should slowly change to other topics. I've done that many times, it normally works... let's hope it'll work for you.

  • Then get to know her as a friend and don't be weird about it. Tell her you still you like her but it isn't like you're in love or anything and you think that you could be good friends still. And apologize for putting her in that awkward situation. A relationship might come from of if you invest time

    • Thank you for your opinion :)
      However, is it really a good idea to apologize? Some people say never apologize and pretend like nothing happened. Maybe just to say sth about it without directly saying "I'm sorry..."?
      Some people also would say that I'll be friendzoned forever if I directly suggest friendship. But maybe I'm overthinking it :D

    • Just don't be super sincere about it l, just casually be like "sorry if I made you feel awkward" and smile at her

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