What does it mean when a girl gets “bestfriend” zoned by a guy?

I been talking to this guy for about 2 months now and i just saw him for the second time yesterday and he asked me if he could be my bestfriend. We never actually discussed being together and he knows i like him. He was explaining to me how he recently got out of a relationship & his ex girlfriend lied to him about a lot of things so he just focused on money now. Does he really just want to be my “bestfriend” or is he just keeping me around until he is ready to be with me?


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  • If I were him i'd want you to know:
    He is absolutely n0t 'keeping you around' as backup. That'd be selfish and rude. He just really enjoys being with you and being your friend. For now he ís fine with that and I hope you're too. Dont worry be happy. Srsly.

    And maybe, one thing will lead to the other in the future and ur together anyways. Who knows. Just go with it.

    Look: He knows you like him, but doesn't want to ruin the friendship. That would suck for both of you. So he "friendzones" you (god I HATE that word. It sounds so negative, but it is not at all if you think about it)

    • Hold up. If he's trying to kiss (?) and hug u all the time he maybe ready for something

      ***just talk about it with him. So much easier***

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  • The friend zone means he's not attracted to you.

    • But he tries to kiss me & hug me like all the time

    • He might just want in your pants. He's sending mixed messages but if he said he wants to be friends I would think he's telling the truth.

  • Nop just a friend


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  • i think his not very interested, and just use polite excuses to dump u


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