Should I move on or keep trying to date this girl?

1.5 years ago I was at a birthday party of a friend. I met a girl from the same school and got along with her well. From there on I kept seeing her on parties. And each time we talked and got along really well. A couple of months ago I started seeing her more frequently. There was a party at her house, and because I always drive with the car, a friend offered me to sleep over at his place, so I can drink. The evening went great, and while talking she said that I could also sleep over at hers. I politely declined, as I wasn't interested in her at that time. Over the months, she told me that she finds me good looking multiple times, and I was always flattered by it, but didn't push it any further. Until mid November, where I wanted to watch a particular movie. Because I didn't want to go alone, I chatted her up and asked her to join me. She agreed, though I didn't state it was a date. It went really good, I picked her up, we watched to movie, I brought her back home. There was never awkward silence. When I brought her home, we sat in the car talking for 2 hours, even though she had work next day (she kept the conversation alive mostly). She was going to go to the club the next night and she asked me to join her. I agreed, but said I will not stay long, as being sober in the club isn't that fun. But she insisted I sleep over at hers, so I can drink. So, after the club we went to hers, we laid in her bed, talking for nearly an hour. She turned off the heater, so I was warming her hands. And as we turned off the lights we were cuddling under the sheets until next morning. The next week I invited her for dinner, but she said she was busy (big exams and work (she made no attempt to reschedule)). Saturday I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie with me on Sunday. She said she had to study for exams, but would notify me depending on how much she has to do. Now it's Monday evening, she didn't send me a single message. Should I keep trying, or move on, take it as a no?
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  • Move on.


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  • Ok, here's the thing. Do you really like her? Like you want to be with her? If so, you can have her, but I'll tell you right now, you fucked up a bit brotha. She asked you to stay over her house a couple times, you friggen laid in her bed with her, she was down to get intimate. It's ok though man, I've fucked opportunities like that up as well.

    She probably just feels a bit insulted cause you didn't make the move when she was OBVIOUSLY DOWN lol it happens, she feels like she put herself out there, you didn't go for it and she took as somewhat of an insult.

    If you want her, here's what I recommend you do, give her some space. Don't text her for a bit, like a few days to a week. When it comes to texting I'd say more is bad. I've screwed it up with a bunch of girls I really like because I over texted them. The more I hit her up to go out/chat when she was busy, the farther I pushed her away and the farther I pushed her away, the more I would text her trying to get her back.

    There's this girl I met about 3 weeks that I really like, like she's very cool girl/good person. She just got out of a relationship like the week before I met her. i met her through some friends at bar/club. Anyways, we hit it off pretty well and I got her number, text her the new few days and I asked her out and initially she was down, but then she changed her mind because she said she just got out of a relationship and wasn't ready to date but she was down to go out with a group of friends again. I said no worries its cool.

    Anyways, we didn't cause we both got sick that next weekend and she seemed busy/didn't respond after my last text so I just left it as is. I didn't text her at all for over a week, just to give her her space and I figured I was just going to be really patient and take my time.

    I was going to hit her up tomorrow and she if she was down for doing something this weekend, and guess what? She hit me up today and saying "We never went out!". Sometimes you just gotta give a girl space. Back off and they'll want you more. It's not easy, especially if you really like them, but think about, girls do it to guys all the time. They back off and it makes us want them more because people want what they can't have. I'm not saying play hard to get. Just give people their space/give them time to miss/think about you. It'll make them want to be around you more.

    • Thanks for the advice, definitely will do, I won't text her this week, and just see what happens. And I know I messed up, at that time I just really didn't think of her that way, still stupid, I know, but thanks again.

    • It's all good brotha, we've all screwed it up with girls. You'll be fine. Sounds like she really likes ya

  • Dude been there done that. Don't message her for a day or so and then pop up and see what she says. This happened to me and i pushed it and it messed everything up

    • Thanks for the tip man, didn't message her Sunday (I was waiting for her to notify me), and today neither

    • Yeah mate message her any time over the next few days and just act like not speaking didn't bother you

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