Why is no one interested?

I'm told constantly how great of a guy I am and I'm not bad in looks no movie star but not bad I tend to look out for people and am a martial artist but no girls are ever interested in me any explanations?


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  • You are too young. If you keep your sports, martial arts, studies as you age you will be more appealling to women. Now probably 14- 15 years old might be intersted But they are young, naive, still going through Lots of personality changes. So Do not worry.

    • In terms of that right like I don't care much for dating at my age in general I just found it weird that the dicks get women but the nice guys dont

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    • Be honest hundred percent of the time. If you want one night stand Tell her that... relationship say it. Dress well. Do sports... pay attention to your studies. Best of luck.

    • Thanks man I appreciate it

  • Girls won't initially be impressed by yoir martial arts. When she is exclusively yours and will need your protection then she will be interested in your martial arts. It depends on where you live really. I lived on both sides and let me tell you that the social climate in western societies is snowflake delicate. And unfortunately for us males the rest of the world wants the western delicate comfort too. im sure your a great guy but depending on where you are girls will want more. More resources for more protection and comfort


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