How to act after texting for a couple days?

So at my job I there's this guy I have a crush on, and we are texting a lot lately, especially the last couple days. This is his last month working here so I am just trying to talk to him more and more. (I'm not sure if he likes me, but people say there are signs he does) But tomorrow I am going to visit work and after texting for like 3 days straight but not seeing eachother I don't know how to act. Since talking over text is so much easier for me than talking in real life, eventhough we work together almost 5 days a week. I have no idea what I should say or do when I see him tomorrow!


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  • If you have common interests, thoughts and feelings it shouldn't be difficult to have a conversation. It might help break the ice to rehash a conversation that started in text. Then, just let nature take its course. And, never hesitate to break an awkward silence with a joke. Conversations sometimes fall flat, that's okay; laugh about it together.

  • Double date you just to walk up and kiss him flat on the lips with as much passion as you can muster the courage for.


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