Single people often find it difficult to get a girlfriend and even female friends tend to be put off after a while by them. Is it their attitude?

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  • No it’s their lack of confidence
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  • No it’s their lack of confidence


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  • If female friends are starting to be put off by them then that would suggest that indeed their attitude is probably lacking. Guys who are single for too long, in their own estimation, can become quite gloomy and bitter. It is perhaps understandable but it is also self defeating and makes the situation worse. Nobody likes being around someone who brings their own personal rain cloud with them.

    • So it’s an attitude which is reversible by just thinking more positively?

    • It's not necessarily that simple, we can all talk about thinking positively but doing it takes practice. The main reason for giving up the bitterness should be the realisation that it's wasted energy. It won't help, it will only hinder. Being a miserable bastard just repels people.

    • Yes it’s a vicious cycle.

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  • It can be- if they're negative, bitter, and are often complaining about being single, that's going to turn people off, as will a severe lack of confidence. People want to help those who are helping themselves, not people for whom failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • It's annoying when after asked for help, even though they know a lot of people, they don't do it. I thought women were supposed to like to be match makers

    • You’ve asked for help?

    • yeah. nope, not even a maybe

  • it takes a girl, to get a girl, that's the unfortunate thing

    • I don’t think it does.

    • it does, trust me

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