Could he possibly like me?

In July I had met a guy through common intrest. We were both into music, dance and a lot of other things. We first met at a planned 'dance practice' where we ate as well and got to know each other. During the time between then a now we haven't had much of a conversation till recently. We would usually try to meet up whenever I was in town near him. Note when we met he was a little flirty ( shy flirty) and through out conversations he sends mixed signals. Planning a day together, flirt emojis generally taking intrest in me. Sometimes our convorsations dont last long. I'm planning to see him in a couple of days. Is it possoble he likes me?
I asked him if he wabted to go to dinner after our movie and day together he said he wanted to. He also expressed how excited he was for ne to come down.


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  • Yes. Shy guys need a lot for them to know you like them and will send mixed signals to avoid Rejection. U need to make the first move in this situation.

  • Yes, he wants to go into your ass.

  • Yes! Sounds like he's a bit shy, so be open with him and don't be shy with him.
    I used to be shy myself and would send the same signals, so it wouldn't surprise me if he likes you.

    • Even if it takes a bit of action on my part?

    • Guys are normally expected to make the first move, but we don't like doing it! Especially when we're shy.
      Girls have been forward with me and I didn't know how to handle the situation 😂 maybe you could give little hints? If he continues to make hints then you can ask him out or something? I don't know.
      Hope it works out well!

    • Thank you

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